Becky Shafer

Keith Shafer

Hey, we get it. You have a project that is looking you in the eye and saying "i am gonna eat you alive." And so you are having a difficult time facing the reality of your promises, your needs or your deadline. But, perhaps you're over thinking it all. Maybe you're only looking at the "Big Picture" or the end result and missing those all-important baby steps. Okay...slow down. Take a deep breath. Simplify.


And simplify is what we do best. Simple, like a dirt road. Laid back and taking those small, but important steps. Then...focus. And we are here so you don't have to go it alone. We can be of help with that project that you're facing. Let us in on it and get our wheels turning. Dirt Road Creative Services is about quality and afford-ability. We take our work seriously, and our clients needs even more serious. What is the point of being in business if we cannot provide you with your expectations?


We have been in the realms of creativity for a long time. Becky has been taking photographs for more than half her life, and Keith even longer than that when it comes to art. And they have both been working in graphic design for ten years, and in every medium, always learning, growing and perfecting. Are you a young student looking to capture your final years as a high school student with images that define who you are? Are you on your way of a new business adventure, and are struggling with your branding? Your logo? Creating a visual identity for your venture. Perhaps desiring to reinvent the look of your restaurant menus or in need of a fresh look for your school yearbooks? If your school sports team would like a stronger look for your upcoming year, it would bring new awareness with a new T-shirt design. Maybe you sadly, recently lost your best furry friend and would prefer a piece of art in color pencil that could adorn your walls allowing them to still be a part of your life. And graphite portraits make excellent gifts for any occasion, could be memories, and family heirlooms.


Give us a call or email, and let us know what we can do to realize your dreams. And, thanks for choosing Dirt Road Creative Services!

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